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When to get a Massage?

Is massage a cure for an ailment, a way to maintain good health, or a means to pamper yourself? The answer is "all of the above." 

At its best, massage can be curative, preventative, and soothing. If sitting at a desk every day has done a number on your back, a good massage therapist should be able to help; you could opt for specific work on the upper or lower back to deal with a particular problem, or you might want to improve your posture to avoid a recurrence of the problem in the future. 

Or, perhaps you just want to spend an hour at a spa getting an allover body massage purely for muscle (and mind) relaxation. 

How Often?

How frequently you schedule a massage depends entirely on what you need, what you expect and what you can afford. Some people schedule a weekly massage for relaxation; others have single sessions to work on targeted problems. 

Though massage can be an excellent temporary fix for a certain stress point in the back, for example, a good massage therapist helps you get to (and fix) the root of the problem. If your problems are addressed properly, you may not need another massage for months. For a little pampering though, the choice is all yours. 


A++ Service

I have had a few hundred massages at some of the top spas in the country.

KAREN was the BEST!

Valerie P.


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