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Read this first...it's Karen's Musings' Introduction...

"Karen's Musings"

I was just wondering...

Are you – by any chance - a List-Maker?

I know people who make lists for everything…and, they never leave home without their List! There are even websites devoted to it. I’ve never been addicted to my lists, but I find myself  fascinated by other people’s lists. So often they are filled with grand trips: see the pyramids, sit in a café in Paris, go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

I understand these lists, but my list would look very different… there would be travel for sure! But, I’ve also come to a point where I don’t think that trips necessarily make up a well-lived life. It’s easy to feel a sense of wonder while wandering the streets of Athens or Florence; it’s much more of a challenge to appreciate the average Tuesday afternoon—and I’m going to have many more average Tuesdays (all willing) than I will have days in Greece or Italy!

How do we learn to treasure the every-day?

If I were to make a Life List, it would be filled with time spent with friends and with family, simple pleasures such as taking my granddaughter to fly her first kite. It would have more dinner parties on it, more time spent smelling flowers, more evenings in front of the fire. It would have my dog and my cat on it, and afternoons spent writing letters—real letters on real paper—to friends to tell them how much I adore them.

It would have home baked loaves of bread and blackberry pies and lemonade in a pitcher served on a porch on a sunny day.
It would have boats and babies and daffodils in the spring.
It would even have my work—good work that I am so proud of, volunteer work too—and it might have a few naps on it, especially if taken in a hammock in the shade.


In the time I have allotted to me on this beautiful earth, I
want to try to live my every day in a way that feels valuable and worthy and rich with meaning—at least a meaning that makes sense to me—so that when my days come to an end, be it years from now or only months, I will be pleased with how
I spent my time.

And I want—as much as possible—not to put off pleasure. That’s on the top of my List!

I want to be true to my heart and my soul...every day.

I hope to inspire you to enjoy the life you are creating…

So...come along with me…we'll explore and enjoy our lives together…


It’s on my List!




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828.758.2584 or  828.850.9422


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Refresh your Mind...



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