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There are many types of music now available for meditation, relaxation, concentration, and healing. Listening to this kind 
of music has an overall, holistic influence on our physical bodies and our states of consciousness. The sound impacts the ear and is transmitted to the brain, which then has a corresponding effect 
on the body.

Another more recent therapeutic approach involves using sound directly on and around the body in a precise manner, in order to have very specific effects. 

When sound vibrations are delivered to the body directly, there is 
a deeper whole-body response. The brain, the nervous system, and even the cells are impacted. The human body is over 70% water, and sound travels five times more efficiently through water than through air. Sound used in this way can have a greater impact on us than music listened to with our ears.

Human beings are complex energetic forms. Within each of us are physical, emotional, mental, and subconscious patterns, as well as memories of the past and expectations about the future. All of our life experiences are stored within us as energetic mandalas. These accumulated patterns and experiences shape our perceptions, and therefore our world as we know it.

Each of these energetic forms within us has its own specific vibrational frequency. Using the principle of sympathetic resonance, sounding the matching frequency will cause the form 
to vibrate also. If the sound vibration is strong enough, the form 
will restructure itself. This is the key to many ancient practices 
that involved the use of sound.

One example of using sound in this way comes from Tibet, where 
the lamas use singing bells and bowls to clear and balance their energetic patterns, and to access deeper states of consciousness. Bells and bowls emit pure, clear tones that have a strong, specific effect on energies.

Some of the most recent types of sound therapy are based on this practice. Tuning forks are becoming popular as a therapeutic tool, as they also emit pure, clear tones, and can be tuned to the frequencies of the energy centers in the body. Because they are small, their effect can be more precise than that of a large bowl 
or bell.

Sounding tuning forks around the body causes the energetic patterns to vibrate in sympathetic resonance. When the vibration becomes strong enough, the old forms dissipate, and our energy field becomes clear. We are restored to a state of balance and wholeness. As we become free from the influence of old, accumulated experiences, our true inner nature can begin to 
direct us toward our hopes and dreams.

These new sound techniques offer a great opportunity for transformation. We can literally change ourselves and our 
lives with the use of sound.



This technique of healing dates back to the ancient times in Tibet.

The work is a transformative set of tools that will help you remove unwanted routines, habits and ruts directing you towards the realization of your hopes and dreams. 

The use of tuning forks over and  around the body, as well as incorporating hands on techniques, clears the chakras, yet does 
not encourage processing of discordant emotions, memories, concepts & structures, these pass freely from your energy field.



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